10 Smart Tips For Cleaning Gutters and Disposing of Yard Particles

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10 Smart Tips For Cleaning Gutters and Disposing of Yard Particles

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home’s foundation, walls and landscaping from water damage. Clogged gutters can result in leaking and mold, so it’s essential to clean them regularly.

There are a few smart tips for cleaning gutters that can make the task easier and less messy than it would otherwise be. These tips will help you get the job done faster, and ensure that your home remains safe from potential problems down the road.

1. Keep a bucket on the ladder

A bucket will be your best friend when cleaning your gutters. This is because it will help you gather all of the debris as you work and carry it down to the ground below.

2. Wear gloves

Gloves are an essential part of any gutter-cleaning routine. They can help protect your hands against the bacteria-containing dirt and debris that can be found in gutters, and they can also prevent cuts from sharp metal parts of a clogged gutter.

3. Use a Ladder that's sturdy and well-balanced

When climbing a ladder, it’s best to use a fiberglass or aluminum ladder (not wood!). Before using a ladder, make sure to inspect for defects or dents and tighten any loose parts.

4. Wear trustworthy work boots and gloves

If you plan to climb up a ladder, you’ll want to wear sturdy work boots with ankle support and a good grip. You should also wear gloves so that you don’t hurt your hands while working on the ladder.

5. Clean the gutters from bottom to top

When you’re finished, be sure to check all areas of the gutters. If any clogs are still in place, push them out with a garden hose or a soft washer. You could also hire a professional gutter cleaning service like Gutter Cleaning New Orleans to help you make the job lighter..

6. Pull out dry leaves and twigs

If your gutters are relatively free of leaves and twigs, you can simply pull them out with the aid of a rake or shovel. You should have a bucket and a trash bag ready for any leftover debris that you may have collected.

7. Drop the leaves into a plastic tarp or drop cloth lying on the ground

This is a quick and easy way to dispose of all the yard particles that you’ve collected during the gutter-cleaning process. It’s important to dump the contents of the tarp into a compost bin or trash bag so that they don’t end up in your home.

8. Avoid putting wet debris in your trash bags

Leaving wet leaves and twigs on the ground will make them rot quickly. This can be a very costly mistake since the leaves will start to swell up and clog the gutters over time.

9. Scoop out the debris

Scooping out your gutters with a scoop is an excellent way to clean your gutters without bending down too far or risking any injuries from falling. This technique can also be used to clear off large piles of debris that have accumulated in the gutters for months on end.

10. Have a final Look

Finally, always make a final inspection for a possible additional retouch to make sure that you didn't miss anything important. 

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